Let The ASVAB Change Your Life

asvab score sheetMen and women who want to help their country and improve their lives should consider taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, otherwise known as ASVAB. This exam opens a window of opportunity to serve the nation by becoming a member of the United State military, the most elite armed forces unit in the world.

Basic Training

The ASVAB challenges applicants via a timed test. Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) offer the test along with over 14,000 U.S. schools. The Department of Defense creates then oversees the ASVAB test from a maintenance point of view.

The best way to prepare for the multitude of challenges the Department of Defense creates on the actual test is to take advantage of the practice tests. Good soldiers know to take advantage of extra supplies and information. Consider these practice tests as being the same sort of advantage, one that provides a layout of the exam divisions, so to speak. The practice exam gives a clear indication of where a person stands in terms of strengths and weaknesses. This sort of analysis proves essential to a military career. Once a candidate knows these strengths and weaknesses, formulating a successful plan of attack proves much more viable. That way, a candidate can improve his or her score and thus, life.

And make no mistake: life completely changes for the better after passing this giant monster of a test. Let’s look at how the exam is scored and how it might change your life.

The Break Down

The grade for this exam derives from various subdivisions of quantitative measures, the most important being the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT), an indication which reveals a candidate’s qualification to join the military in any branch. The final results of  four critical components of the test areas — including Arithmetic Reasoning, Mathematics, Paragraph Comprehension, and Word Knowledge  —  determine the AFQT measurement. The AFQT score measures the readiness to enlist in the U.S. military. The absolute minimum score for each branch is:

-Army               31
-Navy               35
-Air Force        36
-Marines          31
-Coast Guard  45

One reason it pays to do well on the ASVAB is that the score determines a candidate’s occupational matches. The higher the score, the more matches one receives. A higher score also equates to more enlistment bonuses. These factors figure greatly into the quality of life a soldier has both in service and out of service. It can mean doing a short stint in the military or making the military a lifelong career.

Best Available Jobs

A high score helps secure the best military jobs. That means that anyone who is traveling the world doing language translation or that becomes an officer scored highly and conquered the challenge in a true warrior style. The higher the score, the better one’s possible salary range.

Even if the goal is just to see the world in the most basic military service capacity, the test must be passed. It doesn’t matter how many pull-ups or push-ups get counted. There is no physical score that supersedes the test score. The test serves as a major component of candidacy and failure to pass it means a person remains unqualified to join any branch of the armed services.

It is important to note that failing the test does not equate to a complete ban on ever joining the military. Retaking the test is permitted. If a person finally passes, then he or she will be eligible assuming they meet all other requirements.

Just keep in mind that the test is hard and that’s why it makes sense to take advantage of the practice exams. The better one’s result, the better one’s options in terms of pay, lifestyle, seeing the world, and retirement.

Where to Practice

There are many online sites that provide the CAT-ASVAB practice test for free. These sites allow a person to check the answers and some of them even provide detailed explanations of how to arrive at the correct answer. It is important to review these answers to help broaden one’s ability.

It is also a good idea to practice extra hard on the weaknesses encountered on the exam, but it is even more important to think about the type of military careers that interest you then look at the requirements needs for those positions. While it is true you must pass the exam no matter what the job, it is  a good idea to plan for the kind of work that will be required on a daily basis if given the chance to serve in a particular position.

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What You Need To Bring To A Recruiter When You Are Trying To Join The Military

armed forces recruitingJoining the military is definitely exciting but it can also be highly intimidating, especially when you’re going to see a military recruiter for the first time. It is important to keep in mind that recruiters are well-trained, honest and committed professionals. However, they also face demanding schedules and at times may not be in the best of spirits; thus it is up to you to be inquisitive and try to obtain as many answers from them as possible. This way you’ll be able to decide better about whether you want to have a future in the armed services or not.

Another thing that you should keep in mind when you’re meeting a recruiter is to be prepared. You’ll be halfway there if you come prepared and this will help keep your nervousness under control too! The first step to being prepared when you’re trying to join the military is to have the paperwork in place. When you’re in the recruiting process, paperwork is inevitable and the older you get, the more would be the paperwork because you will be having a lot of history behind you. Thus, it is always advisable to take out some time to sort out the paperwork beforehand and have them arranged in an orderly fashion. Moreover, bear in mind that the faster you complete the paperwork, the sooner you’ll be able to get in!

There are certain documents that are a must when you’re visiting the military recruiter. These are namely Driver’s license, Social Security card, Birth certificate, Marriage license or Divorce papers (if it applies to you), Green card (if it’s applicable for you) and passport (if you have made one). You should also consider getting legal records and your credit report because you might be asked to produce it. Also, don’t forget to carry along original copies of all your school diplomas and degrees as well as school transcripts.

For professionals who have past work experiences, it is necessary to carry along the records, locations and contact information of the places where you’ve worked before in the last ten years (maximum). Try to make it as comprehensive as possible and do not leave out any place that you’ve worked at because this list is going to strengthen your chances of getting in. Also, for officer applicants recommendations are required. Last but not least, don’t forget to bring your resume along. It is best to take multiple copies of it in case you need to submit it in more than one place.

Now, physical fitness is a prerequisite for people who want to join the military. So if you have had some significant medical problems in the recent times then you will need to carry along copies of the medical records. Also, if you have travelled outside the country during the last decade then make sure you put in a record containing the travel dates and locations too. It is also wise to carry along the awards, trophies and achievements that you’ve received when you’re meeting the military recruiter.

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What Does It Take To Join The Military

recruitsThe military offers many opportunities for young adults just getting out of high school. It also offers danger, adventure and excitement. The first word in that sentence should not be ignored. The first job of the military is to conduct war. Because of its primary purpose, the military imposes strict physical and mental requirements on people who wish to join. Some roles, such as serving on thee front lines or on board a submarine are currently reserved for men. This should not dissuade who have a desire to serve their country. There are still plenty of opportunities for a female who wants to in the armed forces.

The first requirement to join the military is age. A person who wants to enter the armed forces must be between eighteen and thirty five years of age. He cannot suffer from chronic health conditions, be flat footed, or have any severe emotional or mental disorder. The United States Military currently accepts gay, lesbian or bisexual members, but transgender members are still not allowed to serve.
A new recruit should also have a fairly clean criminal background. A misdemeanor does not bar someone from military service, but he or she should be honest about it before he or she sees a recruiter.

Each branch of the service has different height and weight requirements, but the individual should have enough time to get closer to his or her weight goals. Before even getting this far, a perspective recruit must take the armed services vocational aptitude battery or the ASVAB. Most services require a minimum score of 31.

A person’s score on this test determines which military jobs that person qualifies for.  Higher scores give people more opportunities. The Navy, for example, gives someone with a score of 65 or higher the opportunity to work on nuclear reactors. Before someone joins the military, he should remember that doing anything that makes his recruiter look good will come back to haunt him in basic training.

When someone makes a decision to joint he military, he should be doing it for the right reasons. Although every recruiter touts the benefits of the military, including bonuses and free college benefits, there are not the correct reasons for someone to join the armed forces. He should want to serve his country, to prove himself, and to serve with honor. Each branch has its own core values. The Navy Core values, for example, are honor, courage and commitment. An individual should understand what these values are before he enters the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS).

There is one thing a person should remember if he is determined to go through the entrance process. No branch of the military condones the usage of drugs. If someone has smoked marijuana or taken an illegal drug, he should stop the moment he starts talking to a recruiter. If he continues to take the drugs, he may only be a member for two weeks before he is sent back home from boot camp. No one wants that.

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