Diabetes!?!? Oh No!!

diabetes diagnose

Diabetes is a serious health concern; one that needs to be carefully monitored and managed.

For diabetes to be managed properly, you first need to create a support team that includes your doctor, a nutritionist, an endocrinologist, podiatrist and a dentist.

In addition, it is also important to take an active role in your care. Learn about the medications that you are taking and take them according to your doctor’s instructions. Most importantly, lose weight. Besides losing weight, it is also important to get rid of weight around your waist.

In addition, be sure to exercise. For exercise to be effective, exercise at least 30-40 minutes a day. Examples of effective exercise are walking, swimming and jogging.

Regular exercise can lower your blood sugar, boost your heart health, lower your blood pressure and help the insulin in your body to work more efficiently. It is also important to change your diet.

Focus on getting plenty of fiber by eating foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Keep in mind; nuts are also healthy and if you want to eat some sweets now and then, do so but in moderation.

Lowering your stress is another way to manage diabetes. Stress pushes up blood glucose, increases your chance of heart disease and raises your blood pressure. Actions that lower stress are meditation, deep breathing, enjoying a new hobby and exercise.

To conclude, diabetes is a serious health concern; one that needs to be carefully managed. Follow the above suggestions and enjoy better health!